Photographer Crush: James Casebere, Landscape with Houses

I recently went to the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met, and while it was a great show I was not really impressed with how it was curated. Yes, the outfits are gorgeous and each room of the exhibit set a mood that matched the designs perfectly, but it was not built to accommodate the amount of people that wanted to take a look. If I am going to have to wait almost two hours in line to then be jammed against people to just see the descriptions of each outfit, I would rather wait for a table at Carmine’s. Members were able to skip the line, but not the awful crowd of people that never seemed to move. Props to McQueen, it was a great way to remember his work, but I am sorry it had to be a frustrating event rather than pure beauty.

What did impress me while at the Met? A photograph from American artist and photographer James Casebere. It only took one of his digital chromogenic prints from one of his latest series, “Landscape with Houses” to pique my interest. I love that he constructs spaces to then photograph them. This past summer I took a course at Pratt in the city and I dedicated the entire summer to photographing images I organized in a black shoebox. I think it takes a very special and creative mind to be able to actually create what they want to photograph rather than luckily finding the perfect subject matter. His suburban landscapes have a stillness to them, but with dramatic lighting the details come through. I am a total fan of the work he does on a large scale, with such intimate attention to detail. Below are my favorite shots but also check out his other work at his website:

Landscape with Houses, (Dutchess County, NY) #1, 2009, digital chromogenic print

Landscape with Houses, (Dutchess County, NY) #3, 2009, Digital Chromogenic Print

Landscape with Houses, (Dutchess County, NY) #2, 2009, Digital Chromogenic Print


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