Fascinating Videos: Radiolab Presents Symmetry

I’m going through a big video phase lately. It is inspirational to see how so many people are expressing their own points of view through the visual essence of just a few minutes of film. What beautiful respect to the medium.

I saw this film a couple of months ago but it has been lingering about my thoughts since. This is a Radiolab video made by Everynone, check out http://www.radiolab.org/ to learn more about the radio show and podcast and http://everynone.com/ for more fascinating videos. What I love about this short is how each subject is juxtaposed, under the lens of comparison the subjects represent symmetry and opposition while conveying an innate similarity that exists in imperfect connections. The music and editing set a pace that takes the viewer through a narrative that ends on a perfect yet chilling note. Check it out and try to imagine what pairs you would feature if you were clever enough to think up this concept.


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