Cool Team-Up: Chloe and the New York City Ballet

Pretty is something I am craving as we come quickly into fall. The fall leaves are gorgeous, but I have to really appreciate them; Once they are gone I have to wait until spring. And I am not quite patient with the weather!

But along with my love of all things beautiful, fashion and dance are certainly up there. I cannot wait until I get back to dance classes at school and I can wear all of my fall fashion finds. So I am celebrating all of those things with this video from Nowness, Bon Duke, Block, Choreographer and NYCB corps member Justin Peck, and NYCB Principal dancer Janie Taylor sporting Chloe’s spring/summer 2011 collection. A complex collaboration indeed for a simple and captivating video. The collection was inspired by dance, which is quite evident with its tight leotard tops and flowing, sheer skirts. The collection contains so many beautiful pieces, but my favorites are the draped dresses and skirts in simple colors of nudes and white. Who wouldn’t feel like a beautiful dancer in one of those?

I love the video because it is so simple yet poignant. This is exactly why we need ballet. Those shapes, those lifts, the perfect beauty. That’s all ballet. And the clothing moves expertly along. Simple movements, in the studio atmosphere with changing outfits. Yes, yes, yes!

Watch the video up above, and check out the collection that inspired the video here:


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