Photographer Crush: Thomas Allen

Back to school means back to dorm living, dining hall food and responsibilities. The biggest one of all? Classes of course. But while class might be a chore for some, I find I actually like being in a classroom. It might be the aspect of mystery, you never know if this class is going to be a game changer. But I think it is mostly because they get me thinking. Sometimes I think some of my best ideas come when I’m in class. I am currently a media studies major (well, declaring as soon as I can possibly do so) so I kind of spend my days thinking critically of all things from mediums to the media.

Photography is one of my favorite mediums, and I especially love when an artist is able to transcend the medium and get a little creative. Anyone can take a nice picture of a rose in a vase, but can everyone physically make the subject that they want to photograph?

I was so inspired by Thomas Allen’s work that this past summer I made my own versions of his book cutout shots. (See my photo collections!) Allen uses vintage book covers and photographs the cut out shapes from the covers with keen importance given to the focus, placement and lighting of his subjects. The result brings the drawn images of a book cover to realism, just like reading the words on the pages can do. I especially love the varying depth to each photograph, and the colors are so rich thanks to the lighting and the detail of the drawn figures. They almost look like scenes from a movie!

Too bad I’m back at school, this makes me want to shop the flea markets and find some vintage literature. For now, look at my favorites below and start thinking creative with your photography.

For more on Thomas Allen:

//Allen’s personal website//

//gallery website//


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