Perfect Gift Giving: The MOMA Store

Nothing feels better than receiving a gift. With my birthday coming up I admit that it is quite impossible to not be excited. But what if giving a gift could be just as momentous?

I’m not new to the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). I have been on countless class trips and explorations of their exhibits to know how awesome the space is. From giant multi leveled projections to performance art to an entire exhibit dedicated to Tim Burton; you can never really go wrong at the museum. While experiencing modern art in a museum is ideal, you don’t need to live in the “Big Apple” to experience a bit of it.

I was only sad I did not find  out how awesome their online store was earlier. The range is what is so wonderful. You can find a scarf with a great print just as easily as a book filled with modern works of art. I am very fond of my elephant bookend from the shop, as well as my sushi themed note pads. They both have that modern quirky touch which fits into my “off center” tastes. For that friend or family member of yours that seems to have everything and appreciates anything, I would suggest looking at the MOMA to discover great finds.

Below are some of my favorite things available now, but check out for more.


Songs on Repeat: Queen’s Somebody to Love

I love me some Queen. Sometimes they make complete sense, and sometimes they don’t. But it really does not matter because their music is soulful and theatrical, exactly how I like it. I find there is always time to put on their music, a little bit in the morning or a song or two before bed. It is truly not a good day without some Queen. They are undeniably a great listen, and it is even sweeter right now because today is Freddie Mercury’s birthday! So in honor of the one and only Freddie, watch a live performance of one of their popular, but beautifully so, songs “Somebody to Love”. While you are at it check out Rolling Stone’s article on the Google tribute!

Collections to Envy: Pendleton Woolen Mills Portland Collection

Who knew Pendleton was breaking into the hipster scene? Not me. Until the LA Times decided to catch me all up. I have always wanted to go to Portland, but when I will have time for that I have no clue. For now, I’ll just enjoy the products inspired from the city itself. Take this collection, which will have pieces for both men and women created by local designers. Anyone that knows me know that I have an obsession for prints, so I cannot get over these awesome prints paired with tamer colors.

For more information visit,

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I just had to show some of my favorites.

               Harding cardigan, box pleat shirt, shorts.Shift dress, Harding scarf.Reversible cape and riding pant. The line features clothing for men and women.Poncho and shorts.