Perfect Gift Giving: Dickson’s Farmstand Store Punch Cards


As a college student I am on the pursuit of knowledge. Learning for knowledge sake is something I have heard a couple of times just this semester alone. I hate assessments, but I did miss being a student over the summer. Kind of the best job in my opinion.

I am loving this semester but I would be lying if I said I was not looking forward to break. I still have work (only Winter and Summer break brings zero work) and wisdom teeth removal to look forward to, but at least I get to cook again. If I miss anything food wise, it would be meat. My school has a great dining hall that most people like to hate on even though there is a tremendous selection available. What I think misses the bar consistently is meat (and fruit, but that is a different post). The vegans have it good, trust me, but us carnivores are reduced to chicken and turkey on a consistent basis.

I originally passed by the Dickson Farmstand Store at Chelsea Market while on a mini excursion of the city during the summer. I was intrigued by the giant chalk boards displaying dozens of sometimes hard to find cuts of meat. I became more aware of Jake Dickson’s business when I read a great article written by Ann Monroe for Edible Manhattan magazine’s July/August issue. Dickson is interested in providing what can be sold humanely and seasonly, not just what people want. He works with as local as possible farmers who care for their animals, and sells as much of those animals as possible providing interesting and unique cuts of meat for purchase. They have a variety of product from day to day, but you cannot go wrong with anything from sausages to lamb and even marrow bones. They are even placing orders for cage free Thanksgiving turkeys from Lancaster, PA until November 14th.

Meat costs a lot of money, which can become hard for college aged and post-graduate students to afford. The only gift I could imagine receiving once I am out and living it (not) large is a punch card from the Dickson Farmstand Store. It is their take on the typical gift card, which allows its lucky owners to become creative with different cuts of meat all while educating Dickson’s customers according to the goals of the butchers shop. They have two meat punch cards, one for pig and one for beef. For the price of a large trip to the grocery you get to enjoy short ribs, NY strip steaks, roast beef, pulled pork, fresh pork belly, and much more depending on the card you choose.

Now that I have gushed, it is time for lunch!

Check out more at:

Dickson’s Farmstand Meats

75 Ninth Avenue

between 15th and 16th


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