Need to See It: My Week With Marilyn (2011)

But who doesn’t want to? I just can’t wait to see Michelle Williams’ portrayal. I have a firm belief that there is nothing this woman can’t do. How are they going to bring the supposed glamour and despair of Hollywood’s most infamous star to the 21st century audience in a fresh and dynamic way? It is quite a challenge, but I’m sure going to be checking it out.

Songs on Repeat: Mika’s Elle Me Dit

So I don’t speak a bit of french. And I still can’t help blasting this song from my dorm room. Sorry neighbors…

Sharp editing paired with eccentric characters and vibrant backdrops makes for an entertaining video. I love the bright reds, purples, yellows and prints that culminate in a silly family portraiture at the end. Mika has this incredible ability to create music that describes our individualistic wants and desires. This song is obviously no exception. Take a quick look at some translations if you want a more comprehensive understanding of the song, but overall there is a positive emotion here. It is about getting out of your compressed bubble, and living; Don’t look back with regret, and dance!

Happy Friday!

(And if you are living under a rock for some reason go and buy all of his CDs right now. You can thank me later.)

Simple Lunch Date: Wild Mushroom Agnolotti with the Fixings

When I have to rush off to rehearsal, class or a meeting there is nothing better than a quick fix solution for lunchtime. It seems that we take time for ourselves in the morning (that early cup of coffee you indulge in while reading the newspaper) or at night (unwinding while lounging in front of the newest reality show) but the middle of the day seems to lose attention. My goal is to mask the hectic time of the day.

I might be having the worst day ever, but I try to make time to eat a meal with friends. It is a perfect stress reliever, and the food does not have to be complicated at all. Take this idea for example. It is simple, but looks pretty snazzy. I use Buitoni’s Wild Mushroom Agnolotti because it is meant for two and is incredibly filling. They use both portobello and crimini mushrooms that give the pasta a heartiness others lack. Then it only takes a few key ingredients to make your own pasta dish to share with a friend over gossip.

The Process: Putting It Together

  • Ricotta Cheese
  • Basil walnut Pesto
  • Fresh Parmesan Cheese, grated
  • Lemon, zested
  • Olive Oil, to drizzle
  1. Prepare your pasta of choice according to the instructions on the packaging.
  2. Add your fixings! Drizzle the pasta with some olive oil for flavor to start. Top with dollops of ricotta and pesto. Sprinkle the lemon zest and parmesan cheese for extra flavor.
  3. That was easy. Now eat, eat eat.