Quick Snack: Berries with Sour Cream and Brown Sugar.

This is simple and quick but shouldn’t be overlooked. You know those moments when you want something gut-wrenchingly indulgent but the thought of working it off pains you? Here is a solution for you. I have seen different variations of this theme around the blogosphere (yes, just said that), but here I used a mixture of blackberries and raspberries. It might not be the prettiest thing and sour cream seems to be a random flavor, but trust me it works. The sour cream is supported by the brown sugar and the flavor of the berries intensifies when given some warmth.

Try your own variation of this theme. Set the oven for 350, place some berries in a ramekin, top with a liberal dollop of sour cream and add a generous sprinkling of brown sugar. It does not take long for the sugar to caramelize so watch it carefully, then take care of those indulgent cravings without the guilt. This would be wonderful with other fruits as well, try with bananas for a mock banana cream pie without the calories.


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