Fascinating Videos: Touch of Evil

So where have I been you might ask? I have been so MIA it is a bit silly but now that the end of the semester is finally wrapping up I have started to look forward to pouring out my weekly musings on this website of mine. Between finishing off my classes, performing in a dance show and assistant stage managing a musical I have had little time beyond being in rehearsals, classes, eating and sleeping. Good thing for break, when I get to do the latter two until I’m content as well as cook, blog and celebrate the season right.

So for now I needed to share a New York Times Interactive Feature that I find just stunning. As a cinephile (I hate that term, but I am what I am) I am absolutely thrilled by director Alex Prager’s work in “Touch of Evil”. It is a video gallery (how 21st century!) of thirteen of the top performers from this year in dramatic and cunning portrayals from iconic malevolent characters of the past. The cinematography (Ross Richardson) is so striking–each quick film seems to be oozing with a distinct attitude.

My favorite is the carnivalesque portrayal of Alex from A Clockwork Orange by Rooney Mara. Shot in reverse, the characteristic air of something amiss is there as well as the awesome 70s mod furniture. With the addition of the characteristic costume and eyelashes, this short is spot on. Not to be missed are the Mia Wasikowska as well as the Ryan Gosling shorts. I have to admit the others might be too creepy for me to re-watch!

Check them all out here: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2011/12/06/magazine/13villains.html# and look forward to more from me in the coming month.


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