Old School: Anna May Wong

thanks doctor macro.com!

After finishing off a semester at school I have grown fond for all things old school. From clothing to music tastes–sometimes it seems like Vassar is stuck in the 90’s, or reaching back to the 70’s. Nothing quite wrong with that, at times. This new feature of mine, “Old School” is dedicated to some vintage favorites of mine, from film, literature, photography, and culture in general.

It is often fun to look back even within the short history of cinema. The film industry is often unforgiving–sometimes credit is not always there when it is due. Anna May Wong is one of those actresses. Despite being a Chinese American, most of her work was considered to be solely Chinese. She strove to be the leading lady but was continually handed supporting or narrowly ethnic roles. Frustrated she went to Europe, only to return to the United States. It is tragic she died so young, but with her lasting legacy such as the 1932 film Shanghai Express we have enough to be thankful for. I might also be jealous of her ability to work the bang look…le sigh.


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