Old School: The Bicycle Thief (1948)

Now that we’re past the awkward introduction day for all of my classes, we’re really delving into the material. Being a Media studies major, I study all sorts of topics. I can’t say I’m ever quite bored. I mainly focus on the intersections between psychology and film, and lucky for me every Monday and Wednesday is filled with such classes. My film class is not just a typical film class, but rather one that is greatly expanding my knowledge of international cinema. Hollywood isn’t the only force out there when it comes to great filmmaking. I think it might be cool to catalog my favorite clips from my class on my blog-a treat to whomever looks on here and a great resource for me to look back upon. This week is Italian Neorealism, and I had a hard time holding back tears while watching the end of Vittorio De Sica’s film, The Bicycle Thief (or Bicycle Thieves depending on whichever title you choose to use). The way the son grasps his fathers hand in the end, bone chilling. I hope to watch this film in its entirety, if you’re at all interested check out the YouTube clip above but I warn you, it’s a full on spoiler of the end!


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