Songs on Repeat: Jukebox the Ghosts’s Hold It In

This band is one of my Pandora finds. You know when you find that perfect channel that reflects everything you like in music? Well, for me that was the MIKA channel. A bit of the 70s classics I love, with some contemporary artists everyone knows and loves. This band snuck in there and I instantly gravitated to this song. This led me to listen obsessively on YouTube, then on Spotify and eventually I bought two of their CDs. This video is a bit strange, and so are most of their songs, but apparently that is my style. Clearly they are well trained musicians that understand how to create catchy tunes. The best parts of their CDs is when the songs transition from one to the other flawlessly, making the CD the focus, rather than just the single. This song is incredibly relatable, with a steady beat that makes for easy listening. I get a certain Charlie Brown feeling from this song, how does it inspire you?


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