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Darn you Hugo. Ruining a pretty good ballot.


Collections to Envy: Paul Smith Fall 2012 RTW

So “The Artist” just won best film, and the cheering was perhaps the most intense for none other than Academy Award winner and Vassar alum, Meryl Streep. I did not get the chance to see her performance this year, but I hope to catch up and see all of the wonderful films from this Oscar season during Spring break.

Celebrating the snazzy event that is the Oscars, I want to highlight the fancy menswear inspired looks from English fashion designer Paul Smith’s Fall collection. The tailoring is impeccable on each look that pulls off a neat sense of cool collection. I love the bold prints and the dark velvety colors that create a no fuss look that is ready for office. Wear one of these ensembles around the water cooler at work and your coworkers won’t only be jealous of the fashion on the red carpet.

My favorite looks are below, but check here for more from the collection. Thank you NY Mag for the pictures!

My Kind of Super Bowl: The Oscars 2012

This year the MPR (Multi Purpose Room for those outside of my little bubble) of my dorm was packed for the Super Bowl. Everyone brought their own snacks and wore their comfiest clothes in order to watch the big game. It was fun and all, but I hope for the same tomorrow when it is my favorite night of the year.

There is nothing like a movie. It is life, it is death, and it is everything in between. A movie lets everyone have a chance of an experience they may never have. It may be pretend, but it allows life to a narrative that would never have lived. This is why every year I try to watch as many of the nominated films and performances as possible. I have to admit it is tough to do while at school and as a result I have only seen about five or six, but I believe in those movies with confidence. I spent this past year taking a class on the history of cinema, so I want nothing more than to see “The Artist” take home some of the top prizes.

In order to celebrate tomorrow early, check out these videos from TIME LightBox here. The link will bring you to a collection of interviews from some of the top performers of this year. Enjoy, and tune in tomorrow.

Need to See It: Requiem for a Dream (2000)

I swear that while the rest of the blog world sleeps on the weekends I am the only one who can find the time to post when random inspiration hits. I feel so restless on the weekends when none of the blogs I follow daily are posting. I only post when the time is right. And of course when there is something fun to write about.

I spent this morning alternating between getting ready for rehearsal and watching clips from YouTube of Inside the Actor’s Studio. I watched excerpts from interviews with Laura Linney, Julianne Moore and Jennifer Connelly. Each video made me realize how awesome these actresses are but also how little I have actually seen of their work. I really need to get around to see Darren Aronofsky’s “Requiem for a Dream”, a film that features Connelly and many other talented actors in a crazy distorted film about ambitions and addictions. I am not going into it with too many expectations or preconceptions so I hope that I will enjoy it for its artistry.

Have a good Sunday everyone, I know I will be reading enough for the both of us.

Fascinating Videos: Whopper Virgins

People are very impressionable, and from normalizing and internalizing advertising and other media inputs for decades now we continue to veil the processes in which we adhere and shift our behavior. This seems like a thesis paper right? Funny thing is, it most likely will sound something like mine. Social psychology is interested in how other people shape our behavior, and I am interested in how media is doing the same exact thing.

This video left a fairly distinct impression on me from the normal YouTube clips I happen to find. Not quite sure if I see this as an ingenious stunt of marketing or as a shameless act of the capitalist food industry. The crew behind this project for Burger King went to remote locations in Thailand, Romania and Greenland to serve burgers for people who have never heard of, let alone eaten the “All-American” Hamburger. Most of the people act graciously towards the crew, welcoming them back for future visits. This is culturalization at its finest. There is no knowledge of the consumerist scheme, this is food and a basic exchange. Watching each person approach the burger, and the expressions of confusion, are the best parts. Sure it is Burger King propaganda but it is also a fascinating glimpse at a documentary that does not just report but brings us into the research as well. We see those first moments just as they happened. Incredibly worth a couple of views.

Collections to Envy: Balmain Resort 2012 Womenswear

Guess what guys, I have three hours to myself right now. Yes, there must be a higher power out there that has allotted me this time. Thank you.

Too bad after writing this post I am going to be reading and reading until I need to go to rehearsal(#typical). In my Political Science class we are delving into the intriguing (and 500 paged) novel, “A Civil Action” by Jonathan Harr. I’m only 60 pages in so I best be getting to it.

But I am so distracted by fashion! It is almost criminal how cool this collection is. (See what I did there, I’m so shameless today…) I love the empowerment that is evoked from the fitted blazers and jeans, as well as the snug dresses and skirts. I like the styling as well, the use of one model with the simple yet graphic design of the staircase is very different than the typical runway shot. I love these patterns specifically but I like the interplay between the crazy gorgeous chaos of a pattern with the simplified tones as well. And those shoes, sign me up now!

Below are my favorites, but check out everything @ http://nymag.com/fashion/fashionshows/2012/resort/main/newyork/womenrunway/balmain/. All pictures are from that site as well. Happy Weekend loves.