Need to See It: Labyrinth Within

Sometimes I try to refrain from getting too personal in real life–when I just lay it all out on the web. In a very strange way I treat this almost like a journal. I have had this website for around eight months, and I already have learned so much about myself. When I am busy I love to procrastinate through as many creative outlets a possible. I will search the web for anything that interests me, I will write, I will doodle on my hands. But then there are other times that I am too busy for this space. The format works at some times, and at others it fails to be what I need at the moment. The fact that it is already February of my last semester before I study abroad is scary and thrilling at the same time. This is all going too quick, from college to the blog. I wish I could freeze time….

But I cannot. I can admire and create. I choose this post as the reflective one because I feel like this film expresses some aspects of myself. Directed by Pontus Lidberg, this short film features dancers Wendy Whelan and Giovanni Bucchieri in an aesthetically beautiful creation without the use of words. From just the preview, you can understand the emotion there without needing any more information beyond your imaginative interpretation. Sometimes we all need some time to just be in wonder, and I hope to get a little bit of that in the coming semester and beyond.


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