Collections to Envy: Lanvin Pre-Fall 2012

I, Emily, am taking a Women Studies class.

And I am really liking it. It is making me think in ways I have never thought before. Today we watched a documentary on the Barbie doll. Now, I have fond memories of my dolls growing up. I loved to rearrange their furniture and have them dance around. (I was also quite jealous when Barbie so easily did a perfect split…) But this film was not as positive. It pointed out the crazy fans out there, in a sort of characterized way. Amusing to say the least.

Now, why bring up Barbie for a fashion post? Well, I think to some degree we put models up on that pedestal right beside Barbie. But guess what kiddies, we are not Barbie. And we never will. I find this collection sort of erie mostly because of how it is photographed. The reflections are quite original, but the silver platform they stand on instantly brought to mind the plastic pedestals I displayed my Barbies on growing up. There is a sort of 50’s retro design throughout the collection, but I especially like the dresses and the coats. The colors also work with what I enjoy most about fashion–the basics but with that added pop of color.

My favorites are below but check out the entire collection here. All pictures are from unless noted.



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