Collections to Envy: Balmain Resort 2012 Womenswear

Guess what guys, I have three hours to myself right now. Yes, there must be a higher power out there that has allotted me this time. Thank you.

Too bad after writing this post I am going to be reading and reading until I need to go to rehearsal(#typical). In my Political Science class we are delving into the intriguing (and 500 paged) novel, “A Civil Action” by Jonathan Harr. I’m only 60 pages in so I best be getting to it.

But I am so distracted by fashion! It is almost criminal how cool this collection is. (See what I did there, I’m so shameless today…) I love the empowerment that is evoked from the fitted blazers and jeans, as well as the snug dresses and skirts. I like the styling as well, the use of one model with the simple yet graphic design of the staircase is very different than the typical runway shot. I love these patterns specifically but I like the interplay between the crazy gorgeous chaos of a pattern with the simplified tones as well. And those shoes, sign me up now!

Below are my favorites, but check out everything @ All pictures are from that site as well. Happy Weekend loves.


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