Fascinating Videos: Whopper Virgins

People are very impressionable, and from normalizing and internalizing advertising and other media inputs for decades now we continue to veil the processes in which we adhere and shift our behavior. This seems like a thesis paper right? Funny thing is, it most likely will sound something like mine. Social psychology is interested in how other people shape our behavior, and I am interested in how media is doing the same exact thing.

This video left a fairly distinct impression on me from the normal YouTube clips I happen to find. Not quite sure if I see this as an ingenious stunt of marketing or as a shameless act of the capitalist food industry. The crew behind this project for Burger King went to remote locations in Thailand, Romania and Greenland to serve burgers for people who have never heard of, let alone eaten the “All-American” Hamburger. Most of the people act graciously towards the crew, welcoming them back for future visits. This is culturalization at its finest. There is no knowledge of the consumerist scheme, this is food and a basic exchange. Watching each person approach the burger, and the expressions of confusion, are the best parts. Sure it is Burger King propaganda but it is also a fascinating glimpse at a documentary that does not just report but brings us into the research as well. We see those first moments just as they happened. Incredibly worth a couple of views.


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