My Kind of Super Bowl: The Oscars 2012

This year the MPR (Multi Purpose Room for those outside of my little bubble) of my dorm was packed for the Super Bowl. Everyone brought their own snacks and wore their comfiest clothes in order to watch the big game. It was fun and all, but I hope for the same tomorrow when it is my favorite night of the year.

There is nothing like a movie. It is life, it is death, and it is everything in between. A movie lets everyone have a chance of an experience they may never have. It may be pretend, but it allows life to a narrative that would never have lived. This is why every year I try to watch as many of the nominated films and performances as possible. I have to admit it is tough to do while at school and as a result I have only seen about five or six, but I believe in those movies with confidence. I spent this past year taking a class on the history of cinema, so I want nothing more than to see “The Artist” take home some of the top prizes.

In order to celebrate tomorrow early, check out these videos from TIME LightBox here. The link will bring you to a collection of interviews from some of the top performers of this year. Enjoy, and tune in tomorrow.


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