Keeping An Eye On: Beth Hoeckel Collages

With the summer quickly approaching I am starting to make a (for now mental) list of activities that need to happen this year. Last year I expanded upon my cooking skills, learned how to navigate the NYC subway system with confidence, worked at a pretty awesome yoga studio on the Upper East Side, and even started my own website. On this years list is to create a series of collages. My mom and I can sift through piles of old photographs at flea markets, I think it about time we buy a few and repurpose them.

My inspiration definitely stems from the work of Beth Hoeckel. I can’t get enough of her collages that use found images and meld them together. Vintage images of voyeurism combined with surrealist shots of space and clouds make for an intriguing collection of collages. Her mixed media images and photographs are awesome as well. Take a quick look at for more examples of her work, but check out my favorites from her collage collections below! All images from the linked website above.

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