Collections to Envy: Matthew Williamson Pre-Fall 2012

In what world is Pre-fall a thing? I thought it was just called summer…

Well obviously we consumers need an outfit for every minute season possible. I have to sympathize because I do live in a part of the country that experiences every single season possible. Even within the same week, people! It was incredibly sunny yesterday and today was so chilly! This has been such a mild winter but normally I am frozen by the time I arrive anywhere.

These looks from Matthew Williamson’s Pre-Fall collection have that perfect mix when you never know what the next day is going to bring. With some short skirt options mixed with multi-toned furs no one could go wrong with these looks. Usually I choose collections because I love the colors, the tailoring or the shoes. This collection is not the holy trinity but I also love seeing full length dresses combined with wearable separates in one single collection. I would wear that lemon yellow dress any day!

My favorites are below lovelies but check out more from this collection here. As usual my pictures are from NYMag, the best for designer collection coverage!


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