Must Have iPhone Apps: Cross Process

Time for a new blog topic, this should be a ritual for every break right? I need to think of something extra special for the summer then…

This past year I switched from the lovely Blackberry to the much more lovely iPhone. I love to stay up to date with my technology so it was time to change to the more media friendly option. Now that I have the iPhone I cannot imagine switching back, how would I navigate the city without it?! These posts will consist of my list of must have iPhone apps. Some of these are obvious iPhone apps and they will definitely differ from person to person but let me tell you what kind of person would love these apps. Do you like photography? Do you like food? Do you like all television and movies? Do you like ultra competitive games? These are for you.

So let us start with one of my favorite photography apps–Cross Process. I believe this app was a bit more pricy than the usual $0.99 but it is definitely worth it. This app shoots pictures just like the normal camera but you are able to put awesome filters onto the image that make the shots just a tad bit more dramatic. I personally like this photography app much more than some of the other popular choices. I like the rectangular shape of the photographs and the option to shoot using the basic white border makes the images look more fancy. You can add hints of green, red and even blue (my favorite!) to the image. You also have to choice to save the original image and you can apply these filters to pictures taken without the app.

Below are some of my images taken using the app. Check it out for yourself!


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