Collections to Envy: Giambattista Valli Pre-Fall 2012

I must admit today started off on a low note. Since I am most likely going abroad in the fall I needed an updated medical record so I started bright and early at the doctors office. I was sitting there thinking it was no big, but little did I know I needed two vials of blood taken and two shots as well! My health is consistently my number one priority so it was important for me to go but it made me realize exactly why I am not on the pre-med track. After almost fainting (twice!) I’m sitting here with two bruised arms. But the day redeemed itself: I went out for salad and sandwiches with my mom, sushi and frozen yogurt with two of my friends, and the weather was a beauty. Sometimes the day brings a mixed bag of emotions–and usually those are the days you will remember.

So to pay homage to my day I decided to chose a collection with a mixture of styles that I enjoyed bits and pieces of. I like Giambattista Valli’s Pre-Fall collection this year because of its connected color scheme but wonderful mixture of pieces. Each piece seems so special, in that way in which no one would overlook a fashionista that wore any of these styles. It would be a special day if you put anything like this collection on especially with those polka dotted tights! Favorite are below, the rest can be viewed here through NY Mag.


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