Songs on Repeat: Fun.’s Stars

Alert: I am not dead yet.

Back at school after two awesome weeks. I spent one week at home checking out three Broadway shows and catching up on my sleep. I spent the other week in Montreal with a couple friends from school and a couple new friends. We toured the city and ate so much food-once I have more time I will be writing some food posts inspired from Montreal. Like an Americanized European city there is a lot for Montreal to offer.

But now I’m back at school. After two midterms and two essays this week, I am fried. Keeping up with rehearsals for my dance group as well as rehearsals for a play I am stage managing (I know, maybe I’m crazy) has been another important priority. I want it all, can’t have it all. But after one disappointing summer plan fell through another one emerged. Finally looking forward to the summer as something that will be productive!

And now it’s Sunday, a break from one rehearsal until the other and I thought I should post something. Anything just to keep me writing and mulling over my interests. So here is a song I can’t get enough of right now. Yes my last music post was another Fun. song but this is from their new album.

Fun.’s new album (Some Nights–check it out!) is growing on me. I typically enjoy listening to albums–but for pop music the single can certainly pack its own punch. The album has some songs I am listening to on repeat, and others I ignore. Overall it is a great album with some surprising touches. “Stars”, an almost seven minute long doozy of a song, has those touches. The song begins with clapping and cheers mimicking a live album. Obviously the song is quite polished, but slips into a heavily auto tuned ending. This takes some time to get used to but is a unique choice if any. The song is dreamy and deserves a spot in anyone’s music library. Listen to the song above and check out the rest of the album–find your own favorites.


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