Must Have iPhone Apps: Immaculate Infatuation

So you want a place to eat but your best friend with all of the good recommendations is nowhere to be found. This would stump even the best of us, especially around the more touristy parts of NYC. Instead of settling for some crappy place that serve “authentic” this or “New York style” that, I would download the iPhone app from the guys over at Immaculate Infatuation.

Immaculate Infatuation is a food and restaurant blog run by Chris Stang and Andrew Steinthal (from Scarsdale, hometown represent). What began as the two visiting restaurants before concerts has become a carefully curated and honest representation of establishments all around NYC and beyond. I have to admit I kind of teared up over their review of the Candlelight Inn. The night before I left for college there was nothing I wanted more than dozens of their perfect hot wings and waffle fries to soak up all of that sauce. Did the same this year too.

I have been to a couple of the restaurants on their list, some at their recommendation. I find that my tastes align with theirs often, so there hasn’t been a miss yet. The app is awesome because you have all of the features of the website in an intuitive mobile form. You can read up on recent reviews, look up restaurants they have reviewed in the past and even call up those restaurants that very night for a reservation. You can filter your choices through locations, proximity to different venues, types of cuisine, price, their rating, and other characteristics such as “good for big groups”, “adventurous eating” and “serious take-out operations” for example. The coolest feature is how the app is integrated into a map which shows you the restaurants nearby to your current location. They spit the truth, and they do it well. If you are interested in the restaurant scene in NYC in any manner (especially those who are just visiting for a couple days) I would suggest you take a look at this app. Sample images below, but just go ahead and download. Do it.


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