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Just one shot of many from Founder’s Day. It was a gorgeous day that ended with fireworks by the lake.


Life Interlude: Founder’s Day!

Happy Founder’s Day to all! A day to celebrate Vassar and spend one day of the year not worrying about classwork. Back in the day I guess elephants were involved-I wish! Before fireworks later we’re going out for Thai food soon to keep up with the tradition from last year. Kind of silly to see things as a tradition only one year later but hey we like our consistency. Read up about this Vassar tradition if you are a fellow “Vassarphile” here and have yourself a very happy Founder’s Day.

Daily Photos

Lots of stuff happened today. Couldn’t pick just one.

Busy day. Started with a poster presentation for my women’s studies class. Took me back to science fairs of the past but instead of speaking about liquid density this time it was Freud and romance and violence. This cake was served for those that attended-I appreciate Buffy with her dagger headed towards Barbie.

The goddess of all paninis. Crispy circle of focaccia with mozzarella,pesto, roasted peppers, prosciutto, sopressata, and coppa. Also took some mozzarella balls to go.

Vassar production of Hair out by the Lake. Looks gorgeous but it was freezing cold.

Daily Photo

I guess I’m not the only person who wanted to take a quick shot. The Wombats. Webster Hall. Not too familiar with their music but I have since remedied that situation. Great concert, great feel. Had Num Pang before and corn from Dorado Tacos across the street. One day I’ll try those tacos but with Num Pang across the street, not sure when that will be happening…

Lookbooks to Envy: Need Supply Co.’s “She’s Got Good Jeans”

Quick post time! I’m in the middle of writing a social psychology paper, but I understand the need to take breaks from time to time. It might just be typical indulgence but I am writing about Roland Barthes’ Camera Lucida in my intro, so it is going well! (and for all of you that do not understand the genius of that novel and love photography and the visual arts, please read it! It is only a little over 100 pages, easy as pie)

Lookbooks are great to get a feel of a collection, but also for inspiration. If you appreciate a companies style, you will definitely find a distilled version of it in a lookbook. This lookbook has many clean and colorful outfit ideas, making wearing red or blue head to toe exciting not redundant. This semester I started wearing colored jeans, and I cannot wait to get my hands on a pair of plum ankle jeans for the summer. Pictures are from their website and my favorites are bellow but check out the entire lookbook here!

Need to See It: Citizen Dog (2004)

I just completed a final research paper for my film class which means that class is almost over! This is kind of sad because I feel like there is so much more to learn. I wrote about Czech cinema (see my post on Chytilová’s Daisies!) and realized there is much more to discover that we could not get to in the entire year. So I decided a couple weeks ago that I want to watch all, if not most, of the Oscar winners for best Foreign Language Film this summer. It is going to be fun! With summer plans now cemented, I cannot wait for summer to begin. Get ready to read all about it.

So in honor of my last week of film class here is the opening clip from a film we watched today. Directed by Wisit Sasanatieng (and I thought Salshutz was a mouthful…) this film comes from Thailand. It is playful in both structure and color, about a young man who moves from the rural part of the country to the city to discover life and love. It has a different feel than most films, and is a bit silly, but it is a film that reflects the culture’s filmic style of navigating the tensions between the rural and urban as well as animism. Not the only representation of Thai cinema, but a unique one.