Need to See It: Leaving No Trace (2000)

When my professor announced that we only have four full weeks of class left, I kind of felt a tad bit sentimental. I have loved my year long course on International cinema, it is so informative and interesting so why would I want it to end? Hopefully I will be able to write a couple more posts inspired from that class.

This week we delved into Mexican cinema. We explored earlier Mexican cinema last semester through the film Maria Candelaria which was made in 1944. It explored the Mexican female gaze and tensions between Mexico and Spain. This week we watched the opening scene from Leaving No Trace (directed by Maria Novaro) which was made some sixty year later. It was more captivating than I could imagine, and I need to check out the rest of it. All I could find on YouTube was a spanish trailer, but I will have to get my hands on a DVD copy with subtitles! The film is about two women who befriend each other after one of them runs away from her violent and drug dealing boyfriend. Both women are complex but the honesty in their actions is there. Audiences that appreciate international cinema will take the most away from this film, but I think everyone should give this film a shot, sit back and become engrossed.


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