Old School: Daisies (1966)

Currently in the midst of research for my final film paper of the year. So this will be a quick update.

I continue to pay to see movies that are total crap. I think we can all admit to that. 21 Jump Street? American Pie Reunion? Either these movies are marketed completely wrong or they are just what they appear to be. Shallow, slapstick and made for guys. Maybe there is a kiss at the end to make my fellow girls comfortable with the $11 price tag. But we are not all completely lovesick-so where is the appeal?

I have spent this entire semester trying to understand why we like what we like. Hard to come up with a concrete answer, but we often like anything be it our political figures to the TV shows we watch to conform to our perception of the ideal. But maybe we don’t have to think like that all of the time. Take a break and check out “Daisies” (directed by Vera Chytilová) a flick from Czechoslovakia in the 60’s. The film will be different from anything you have ever seen, but there are definite themes to pick up on throughout. The color work is gorgeous and the spin of farce is quirkier than Zooey deschanel will ever be. And lucky you, a link to the ENTIRE movie is on YouTube. So no one has any excuse!


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