Collections to Envy: Emilia Wickstead Fall 2012 RTW

Lately I have been stuck in a pretty tight morning routine. I wake up, I shower, I blow dry my hair and I get dressed all in under an hour. I would wake up earlier if sleep wasn’t such a precious resource, but alas isn’t this one of the struggles for all us college students?

When time is tight my outfit choices become creative at best, questionable at worst. Go to outfit choices save me even if I end up wearing the same thing a couple days in a row. Probably not a coincidence that I have latched my eyes onto Emilia Wickstead’s Fall 2012 RTW collection. The effortlessness of the slicked back hair, red lips and simple pieces are enough to make me feel calm amidst my explosion of a room. I appreciate the simple color palate as well with blacks, contrasting pinks and corals. The collection does not try too hard. Definitely not what I think of when I want to dress for fall, but I enjoy the clothing nonetheless. And those gloves! Anyone that knows me understands how much I adore my yellow cotton gloves, but for these perhaps I can make an exception.

Please take some time to look here at more looks from the collection. As per usual my favorite are below. For more on the designer please visit her website here. Pictures from NY Mag!


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