Must Have iPhone Apps: Flipboard

Imagine a world where media content is designed just for you. You could receive up to date information about topics that really interest you rather than sifting through the obituaries and weather to get to the content.

I think Flipboard might have been made for me, and in a way it is. I can link my social media sites with Flipboard (think Twitter, Facebok, and Instagram) and the app will use that content to generate articles and other media content according to my interests. There is a section for general news, but there is also more specific categories that appeal to my interests: technology, food, photography, business, and film just to name a few. The app is constantly updating and is incredibly easy to use. Sleek design and valuable content, what else does there need to be?

Go to the App store to download, and look at some sample photos for a quick feel.


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