Need to See It: Footnote (2011)

My eyes are about to shut for the night but I wanted to whip up a quick post. For the past two weeks I have written and read more pages than ever, packed up and dragged down five flights of stairs boxes from my room at school, and have started what will be a busy, but oh so exciting summer.

With *some* extra time on my hand I hope to watch films that I have no time for during the year. I recently added a plethora of movies to my Netflix Queue, but I really need to see Footnote directed by Joseph Cedar. Not a film about mistaken identity, but rather one about a father and son-competitors in their field of academia. When the wrong person is honored a prestigious national award both learn about their differences but more importantly about each other.

After hearing from several family members about how amazing this film was, I think I should get to it sometime before the fall. With the slowness of the summer months maybe it is time to think, what film have you wanted to see for ages but haven’t gotten to? No excuses.


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