Keeping An Eye On: Chromaroma

This summer I am spending a lot of time on the subway, zipping up and zipping down, but guess what, your girl is going to London this fall. That means a new system, new rules. While there will be plenty of culture shock come October I am kind of looking forward to riding the Tube and keeping my Oyster card by my side. That might be a strange comment, until you take a look at Chromaroma’s game that makes the city the game space, and the Oyster card is like the controller. Almost like Foursquare for urban studies majors, Chromaroma keeps track of travel data that allows its users to take virtual control of different parts of London. It also encourages those playing the game to seek out new ways to navigate the city, taking away the notion of a boring morning (afternoon or night) commute. Why not leave a mark while you are on the move? I will be playing in London, will you? For more information check out their website,

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