All Things Around: The Cape

Vacation isn’t necessarily the most fun for your pet. Even if they are allowed to come along they are subject to crates whenever you leave, which happens to be often. So when we spend time at the rental we try to make the most of Mandy’s free time, tossing her toys about or playing peek a boo with the railing of the stairs are particular favorites.

After play time, we went to the Cottage St. Bakery for some morning treats. We’ve been going here for the past couple of visits, and keep returning for what they call a “Dirt Bomb”, essentially a muffin coated in butter and covered in cinnamon sugar. Along with a sticky fig bar, and a chocolate croissant we were ready to get going.

Next was a trip to the Brewster Store, an old favorite. We’ve been going there since we were too short to see over the candy jars. They always have the same stuff, but it is fun to browse their selection of intriguing panty goods, dishware, penny candy, and more. The front is the most iconic for me, and the allure of $.10 candy never gets dull.

Cape Cod is filled with many gift shops, but none live up to The Strawberry Patch. Housed within a converted horse stable, this gift shop offers an array of charming goods from strawberry themed hand towels to children’s toys. In the back is a garden featuring a giant railroad track and maze. My sister and I used to chase each other in that maze, and still do. The trees planted within the maze have grown as much as we have. It was a no brainer to come back this year.

It was time for a quick lunch, and with all of the the nostalgia it seemed fair enough to try something new. Craving some  seafood, we went for the $10 lobster rolls from Young’s Fish Market. A small shack near the water, Young’s has a great selection of fresh seafood, as well as fresh lobsters in the tank. They’re known for their lobster rolls, so we decided to give it a go. Much different from a certain lobster roll I am a fan of, these rolls were like lobster salad, the flavor you want, at a price that is hard to beat. With some Cape Cod chips, a lunch was made.

With energy still kicking we headed to play miniature golf at Cape Escape, again, another family tradition. Perhaps one of the nicest miniature golf courses, we like this place for their incredible selection of golf ball colors and incredible layout. It was not busy at all today so we were able to enjoy the game, rather than rush. Plus, it was the first time the entire family golfed a hole in one on one course!

If all of that wasn’t enough we drove out to Wellfleet for dinner at Mac’s Shack. Last year when we went we were stunned that our old favorite, The Lobster Hutt, was replaced by a busy sushi bar and restaurant. We gave it a try, and after over an hour wait, had a great dinner. This year we expected the same craziness, but it might have been a combination of being earlier in the season and the week that made the conditions ideal. We were seated right away, and enjoyed Wellfleet oysters and a mix of sushi that I washed down with a drink of club soda, pomegranate, and mint. I also enjoyed a dish of coconut curry scallops which I could eat once a week at least. Close to the pier, we finished off the night checking out the sights by the water. Most days at the Cape are not as eventful, but traditions keep us coming back each year for some new, and of course, the old.


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