All Things Around: The Cape

Somehow it is already really late, so I am going to try to keep it short and sweet.

We started the morning off at the Hot Chocolate Sparrow, not necessarily a tradition but we gave it another go this year. Always bustling in the mornings, this place is great for a cup of coffee or latte and a quick sweet treat. They have quite the selection of chocolates and gift items, so you would not have a problem finding last minute gifts for those back home. I went for a regular latte and we all shared an apple blossom, tasted just like it sounds.

We decided to keep the morning pretty chill, and hung around for a bit. But soon we headed  towards Cobies, a popular clam shack in Brewster. We used to come here as kids, and the wait was always unbearable! But there was no problem this time, we got a table with plenty of shade and our order was ready almost instantly. With plenty of tarter sauce and ketchup to go around we dug into fried clam plates and fries, not kind on our health, but definitely delicious. Only problem was the food coma (but actually this time) afterwards.

With mid afternoon approaching it was beach time!

And then before we knew it, dinner time. We ate at Captain Linnell House, a typical Cape Cod restaurant but located inside of an old Captain’s mansion. It is a romantic restaurant that takes you back in time, with a beautiful garden out back and a large ballroom. Their menu has so many wonderful options but I decided on the summer salad, with tomatoes, basil, corn and ricotta, and the duck with a rich cherry sauce as a main. Very good, but I was a tad jealous of my mom’s pasta with mussels, lobster, and shrimp. We were all so full, we didn’t even have dessert! Oh well, there is always tomorrow.


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