All Things Around: The Cape

Today we got an early start at the beach, mostly motivated by the thought of a Liam’s lunch. Just like your typical beachside food shack, Liam’s offers everything from crab salads to calamari, and the best onion rings you will ever have. They are sliced extra thin, coated in a flaky batter, and have that rare ability to not separate into a mess of onion and batter. We also tried out a crab roll and calamari, all washed down with a raspberry lime rickey.

Then, feeling like we just swallowed a small fried village (work with me here), we spent some time at the beach. No sharks in sight, just a couple seals in the distance and plenty of sand.

We left the beach early for dinner at the Bewster Fish House. Located in Brewster, this restaurant serves lunch and dinner almost daily featuring dishes of fresh seafood. We used to go when I was very little, the story goes that I would only eat plain pasta, and apparently refused to eat it when it came with some parsley on top. Appetites change, and now I can really enjoy what the Brewster Fish House is all about. We started with a lobster bisque, a small cup but filled with a smooth broth and tender lobster, crispy calamari which had the best aioli, and a crab salad with avocado and uni. For a main I enjoyed perfectly seared scallops (seriously, I am jealous of that sear) with a warm guanciale vinaigrette, peas, and the cutest fingerling chips. I wish I could have tried every dish though, but I got to taste both a striped bass special and the butter poached lobster. We finished off with a berry shortcake and a caramelized peach creme brûlée that was stellar.

We ended the night at the Cape Cod Playhouse, to check out the community theater production of South Pacific. While the shows can be a hit or miss, we like to go every year to support the local theater and it beats spending the night bored in the house. In the past we have seen plays, but this was our first musical. The cast was very young, but I bet it is really fun for them to perform seven days a week for a month of the summer.


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