All Things Around: The Cape

You would think that I spend every morning eating baked goods on the Cape, and you might be right. The Cape has a bunch of cute local bakeries located in grey shingled homes with home baked goodies in glass cases–so it is kind of hard to resist.

The Hopkins House Bakery fits right in, but is a bit more than the average shop along the main drag. Opened by Heather Baxter, this small stop offers different varieties of treats daily, ranging from muffins and scones to pies and cookies. Just be sure to make a trip when they are open, 8 AM to 4PM from Thursday to Sunday! There is also the adorable Hopkins House Country Store next-door, so after you pick up a quick breakfast you can browse their selection of home goods and decorative touches.

When we went we tried a tart lime bar, a cherry muffin with tons of powdered sugar on top, and a peach muffin with bits of peaches inside. They had a huge selection when we went in the morning, so it was a bit hard to decide. I guess we’ll just have to make more trips in the future.

Lunch was a stop at Hillcrest Pizza & Sub Shop. We have been coming to every iteration of a pizza place this location has seen, but I think that Hillcrest is definitely the best. They are never that busy during lunch, and serve a thin yet chewy pizza that is just my style. We decided to go half plain, and half Hillcrest, a combination of different meats (pepperoni, sausage, and thinly sliced meatball) and veggies (peppers, onions, and mushrooms I believe). Even their salads are quite tasty. This is the place to go once you get sick of fried seafood platters and picnic tables, but obviously that could never quite happen.

Even though it was not that sunny out, we went to the beach for the afternoon where I spent most of the time reading and taking quick naps here or there. Quite thrilling, right?

For dinner we drove to The Beachcomber, a popular spot in Wellfleet right by the water. I would recommend waiting for a table outside, the vibe is livelier and the air seems fresher. We waited for our table with some drinks, a strawberry daiquiri for me, and were seated within an hour. The atmosphere at The Beachcomber is quite relaxed, outside on picnic tables near the bar and everything is served on paper plates. We shared the fried calamari and curry scallops served with a corn salsa. For my main I had a fried oyster po’ boy served with pickles and french fries. The oysters were delicious served with a hot dog bun smeared with a spicy mayo and a slaw of sorts. I hope to do a more comprehensive review of The Beachcomber, so check for that in the near future for more pictures and info.

And to end it all, more ice cream at Emack & Bolio’s. Cosmic crunch ice cream with hot fudge is the only way to go.

Now, excuse me while I plan my raw, macrobiotic diet for the next month….


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