All Things Around: The Cape

I woke up yesterday with the worst head cold. How lame! With one more full day at the Cape, I spent the entire morning surrounded by tissues. I bet you have experienced traveling feeling less than perfect. When it’s for business or work you just have to deal, but on vacation it can be a major roadblock. I found the best thing to do was to take a shower, drink plenty of water, take an antihistamine, and get moving. I did just that, and I was feeling much better. Didn’t hurt that my sister brought back another dirt bomb from Cottage St. Bakery…

Hungry for lunch, we decided to go a bit out of the way to try Arnold’s Lobster & Clam Bar on Route 6 in Eastham. This place has incredibly long lines in the evening, enough to kind of turn us off from trying the restaurant. But since it was lunchtime and we were craving lobster rolls, we decided to give it a try. Lucky us, the line was short and moved quickly. Arnold’s has a large menu with everything from fried seafood to steamed lobsters and even a raw bar, but we all went with a warm lobster roll (except my sister, she likes salads with chicken!) The restaurant is cash/check only, which is kind of strange for such a popular family restaurant, and you seat yourself. The place has a kind of Disney-esq feeling, with families everywhere and a sort of outdated inside seating area. If you can, I suggest sitting outside. Sure you hear the miniature golf course noise, but you can sit at picnic tables in the fresh air under trees lined with outdoor lanterns.

The food was done quicker than we expected, and was also better than expected. They serve two kinds of lobster rolls: a cold lobster roll dressed with mayo and a warm lobster roll (a dollar more), but served with hot butter and lemon. Although I did not have the cold lobster roll, I would suggest going warm. There was tons of lobster meat on top, and it was buttery not coated in mayo or tossed with celery which distracts from what you want to taste, which is lobster. It was served with coleslaw and Cape Cod chips. We also tried the onion rings, and although I am a sucker for Liam’s, these were quite similar. I would probably come back for the roll, or a steamed lobster dinner. A bit hokey, but it’s definitely the Cape.

Then came a major roadblock, a forecast predicting rain! So we spent the afternoon indoors doing the kind of stuff you want to do, but never have the time to do–like read for once.

Dinner was at Fin, a restaurant we have never been to in Dennis. Since I was still a bit sick my appetite was not quite there, but I enjoyed what I could. Fin is really small, so I would suggest making reservations, but it is adorable in a two story home, and upscale in flavor using fresh seafood and ingredients like white anchovies, garlic scape butter, and fried sage. Total umami fest.

I started with the oyster chowder with Dennis oysters, apple wood smoked bacon, chive and white truffle oil. You can’t avoid clam chowder or lobster bisque in the Cape, but it was refreshing to try something slightly different.

For my main, I had the special, which was striped bass with a tomato and lobster based broth, filled with veggies like corn and snow peas and potatoes. Total comfort food, a picture is below, but the lighting stinks!

I was stuffed, but I took bites from the two desserts we tried. The first was a tiramisu zuccato, which was delicious, and a berry panna cotta which was so creamy and extremely satisfying. I definitely want to go back when I feel 100% myself, and not under the weather.

But you know we couldn’t leave without a treat for the ride home. This morning we packed up the house and drove right to the Hopkins House Bakery. What a fabulous find, this will definitely become a favorite for years to come. Only on Saturdays, sticky pecan buns are available, so we bought two along with two blueberry scones and another peach muffin and nibbled all the way back home.

Just kidding, the buns hardly made it out of Brewster.

If you enjoyed following along with my travels, please let me know below. I am going to be in London this fall, so check in from time to time for updates, tons of pictures, and travels.


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