Photographer Crush: Uta Barth

Throughout High School I thrived in the darkroom. Not that every shot was perfect, but I felt that among the stress of being a high schooler nothing felt like home away from home like that creative space. It was a place which images would appear, memories given a second life.

While I have taken portrait shots, I am truly attached to the still life. With objects you have all the time in the world to stylize and think about composition, something that matters to me even if it is simple. This is probably why I am so attached to Uta Barth’s photography, the erie soft focus is captivating and the power Barth gives to ordinary objects is astounding. Her photographs almost look like a visual depiction of the memory, fuzzy around the edges, but quite impressionable all the while. I posted one picture above, but please check out this link to look through an entire portfolio of her work.


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