Collections to Envy: Temperley London Fall 2012 RTW

After watching the London Olympics every night, it is finally setting in that I am going to be studying abroad in London this fall. While I won’t  be passing a flaming torch or running for gold, I am excited to be in a place with such history, especially in a city pumped up from the recent games.

Lately, I have been freaking out about packing for the trip. How am I supposed to do this? If you have any tips for world traveling, please feel free to comment below. I need all the help I can get, one semester+one suitcase=Huh?

But if I had my choice (and struck gold), I would easily fill my suitcase with clothing from the Temperley London Fall 2012 RTW collection. The clothing, by London based designer Alice Temperley, is striking on the runway with gowns that look as elegant as the skirts. I love the patterns, and do I wish I could of worn that white gown to prom?

Maybe a little.

Enjoy my favorites below (all pictures are from NY Mag!) and see the entire collection here.





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