Local Eats: CSA #9


Another up close and personal look at what I’m going to be eating for the next couple of days. Thrilling, right?

If there is one thing the CSA we subscribe to gets right, it’s ripeness. All of our fruit and vegetables come ready to be consumed quickly. This can be problematic at times, especially when we forget about the odd cucumber or greens here and there. But this is our first go at this, definitely still learning.

We were so excited to receive our first shipment, but vegetable anxiety began to set in quickly. The challenge was, how could we be inventive with what we were given? Luckily, we seem to be in a transition phase now, because this week we were really inspired by what we received. Already it seems that fresh tomato and basil pizza as well as eggplant parmesan is in our future. With increasingly colorful shipments, it really is hard to not be inspired.

This week we received tons of doughnut and regular peaches, blueberries, several zucchini, tons of baby cucumbers (they would be perfect for pickles!), three plump eggplants, handfuls of baby tomatoes (these were as sweet as candy), two giant heirloom tomatoes, an array of peppers, one large pattypan squash, a bunch of basil, and red and yellow stemmed swiss chard.



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