Local Eats: CSA #11

Today I ate the opposite of a heathy dinner. I even waited in line for the artery clogging goodness.

I was having major Shake Shack cravings this morning, and my salad at lunch was not enough to assuage it. With a  great friend by my side, the line passed by quick and the Madison Square location had ample seating to enjoy a burger and share milkshake dipped crinkle fries outdoors.

But when I came home something a bit healthier was waiting for me, more fruits and vegetables! This week we received carrots, tons of perfectly round baby tomatoes, several cucumbers, a large yellow summer squash, a variety of heirloom tomatoes, plump eggplants, a crinkly cabbage, more swiss chard, shishito peppers (I now LOVE these!), a giant (I think, golden) beet, and a variety of peaches, nectarines, and plums. I think salsa is definitely in our future over here, agree?


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