Local Eats: CSA #12

Guess what guys.

I just received my London address, so naturally you know what I’m up to.

I’m making sure I have an absentee ballot waiting for me so I can V-O-T-E come this fall of course!

While agriculture and the food industrial complex (big words during the summer, I know) are topics rarely the focus of an election, they are important to me. The CSA this summer was a chance to explore a different way to consume the food that grows right here in the US of A. I hope you have enjoyed my documentation each week, and continue to look forward, like I am, to the last few weeks of deliveries before I pack my bags and go to London town.

This week we received yellow and green summer squash in a variety of shapes, red and yellow stemmed swiss chard, funky shaped carrots, an heirloom tomato, a cucumber (that was not around long enough for the photo shoot), a giant red beet, Campari tomatoes (my favorite!!), (pole?) beans, dandelion greens, husk cherries (I have never tasted anything like this, just like a fruit and vegetable hybrid), onions with the greens, and a variety of fruit–like peaches, nectarines, plums, and apples! Goodness, I love New York apples.


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