Cool Team-Up: Beyonce and The United Nations

A couple weeks ago I was able to go the UN at work, and I am so glad I went along. Our tour guide was incredibly informative, making clear the gravity of human rights issues around the globe. We were lucky to see where the General Assembly and Security Council meet to discuss issues from universal traffic signals to border control and war. Anything you can think of has been debated and spoken about at the UN, so maybe Beyonce is not too far of a stretch.

While World Humanitarian Day was August 19th, this collaboration is too cool not to mention. Beyonce transformed the General Assembly in the UN into a stage, performing her song “I Was Here” in honor for the day. In addition, anyone who had a humanitarian story to tell that day was able to drop pin their location, and say how they were doing good for others nearby on the World Humanitarian Day website.

Watch Beyonce’s stunning performance here, and visit the World Humanitarian Day’s website to learn more and view the results on the world map!



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