A bit on eating abroad.

Before we arrived in London everyone in my program thought one thing was clear.

We were going to have a food stipend.

But like all things college or “uni” related–confusion is just part of the program.

Despite all of the complaining you can do about living in self-catered dorms, it’s actual the ultimate freedom. You can make whatever you want, and you never feel bad about eating out because it will probably taste better, be more convenient, and fix your protein cravings.

I have been able to avoid frozen food recently by signing up for a fruit & veg box at The Allotment, a local New Cross food shop fairly close by to me. While it is tough to have the motivation to cook during busy times of the day (and even tougher to clean up after), it has been fun incorporating all of the goodies that come in the box. For twelve pounds I receive three varieties or fruit and seven varieties of vegetables, and not only is the quality great, but the prices are definitely competitive with the local Sainsbury’s. The Allotment has a great selection of other products too, like baked goods and crackers that look perfect for cheese nights.

But most importantly, look at what I got! Five giant mushrooms, several parsnips, three red onions, two rutabagas, a butternut squash (my favorite for fall!), two zucchinis, a bag of spinach, and tons of nectarines, oranges, and pears. For flat living, the fruit is perfect for snacking, and all of the other vegetables work perfectly is stir frys and pasta dishes I throw together. The root vegetables pose a bit of a problem for quick cooking, but stay longer than the other ingredients so I have time to roast those up. The fruit & veg boxes continue throughout the entire year, so I will be able to post CSA of the week like posts even while abroad.

Check back for updates–tomorrow I’m going on a day trip to a famous UK landmark, pictures are sure to follow!



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