Fruits & Veggies

I picked up another fruit & veg box at The Allotment this morning in the middle of the rinse cycle of my laundry. Laundry, of all things, is always the most time consuming and frustrating experience. Most of the machines are prehistoric and broken, you have to wait for one to be available and 20p only buys you around six minutes of drying time. But in the end my clothing were dry and warm, and the experience made me realize everything else here that is actually quite convenient and better than Vassar at home. Public transportation in literally across the street, as well as the supermarket, and we all have our own bathrooms including showers! So I guess if there is anything that has to be more complicated than it should be, laundry is just fine.

I digress, time for fruits and veggies.

The boxes are definitely not all local produce, but considering I could be picking up fruits and vegetables at the corporate supermarket it is nice to just receive the variety from a local business–if the locals like anything here it is supporting local business and chasing out the chains.

This week I received a couple carrots, two yellow peppers (half of one already made it into a quick sausage, onion, and pepper pasta dish), three giant leeks (which are taking up a bit of room in the fridge…), a fennel bulb, two kohlrabi (never had one before, but I definitely know what it is), a sweet potato, an eggplant (or aubergine as they call it here), oranges, apples, and really delicious bananas.

Ideas are beginning to stir about what to do with everything, but for now reading it is.


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