Another week of fruits and veggies.

This morning has been filled with brainstorming for my independent project. I think it is going to be focused on photography–I’m particularly interested in self portraiture, but I am also drawn to people taking pictures. The process of how we seek out images, is quite alike to the impulses of tourism. When does a place become a tourist destination, and why do we compulsively take pictures there? I think the answer goes beyond the fact we simply like to document our lives. Part of the independent project is to search after great texts to read and reflect on, but I think that a major aspect of my project will be to go to galleries around different parts of London. Since I do not have the time to study art at Vassar, this is a neat opportunity to delve into a personal interest of mine.

I will try to keep this blog updated about my independent project, but another week has come and gone, and I have more fruits and vegetables to share.

This week I received bananas, apples, pears, two red onions, a head of cauliflower, a red pepper, a handful of beets, two zucchinis, a GIANT celeriac, and a small pumpkin. While a pain to cook in the flat kitchen, I am obsessed with beets and can already see them paired with a slice of goat cheese I purchased. I am also really excited about the onions, zucchinis, pepper, and cauliflower, as they all go well in curries and pasta dishes. The fruits are perfect for snacking on, bananas for now and the pears for later as they ripen. The celeriac is probably going to be eaten raw, but I might try to make chips out of them in the oven with some paprika and garlic. AND THE PUMPKIN! It is not fall without pumpkin, so I think I might spare this little guy and keep him as a centerpiece in the flat kitchen. Maybe paint a face on him for Halloween….



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