Some Highlights.

Clean room, dinner done, time for a new blog post.

So obviously some days are more fun than others, I am going to school after all, but here are the highlights from the past week or two!

While all of my classes are pretty interesting, I think my Vassar class is really the best. Instead of sitting in a classroom, or worse, a large lecture hall, we tour different parts of London with different media experts. Each class is backed up by reading, as well as mini assignments which usually include writing or photography. One of the best classes so far was a walking tour of east London’s street art. I have never really thought about street art as much more than vandalism, but of course I was proven wrong. Street art was everywhere, and each piece seemed to have an even more interesting story behind it.

The coolest work was definitely the first one we saw, which is pictured below. Can you spot it? Probably not, but it is a work by Ben Wilson who paints tiny paintings on pieces of chewing gum on the street. It is technically not illegal to paint on the gum, so Wilson can create his art with little legal intervention. Google him, it is totally worth it.

After the tour we walked around a bit to kill some time and test out our new street art spotting skills. Turns out we did spot more artwork by the artists we saw on the tour, but also found a great, bright yellow, bakery off of Brick Lane. It is called Morena Bakery, a south American bakery serving up sweet bites and hot drinks.

There was quite the selection available, but I had the dulce de leche carrot cake. Yes, that is a thing. Yes, it was perfection.

Not with class this time, but with friends, we went on a day trip to Oxford. It is easy to get to Oxford via London and we spent the day walking around and eating. I was also able to see my friend Ellen who goes to school there, and visit her giant Harry Potter-esq dining hall and quad. We went to a pub for lunch, they were filming the movie Belle down the street, but I was more into the Sunday roast I had, which was basically a plate filled with all things from roasted pork to veggies and potatoes. We wandered in and out of the different courtyards, went into a comprehensive and detailed history/anthropology museum and finished the day off at a Chipotle lookalike. It’s a beautiful, lovely place and definitely worth the visit if you are staying in London for more than a short trip.

Now sorry to switch gears completely, but I realized I totally forgot to mention the fruit and veggies I got this past week. With reading week coming up I need to eat as much of the perishable food I have as possible, so I am making some creative dinners with everything I have around. But last week I received cavolo nero, two endives, a bunch of carrots, small onions/shallots (whatever they are specifically I am not sure, but they are the perfect size), two ears of corn, two sweet potatoes, four asian pears, plums, several mushrooms, and a handful of oranges. This was a great selection of fruits and veggies, and I was able to make great salads with it all, which I have been craving and have been only eating when eating out.

Back to day trips and such.

This past Wednesday I went to Borough Market and then the Tate Modern museum, and they are great combination together, trust me. The market is not too busy at the beginning of the week, but we were still able to have empanadas and brownies. Yummy stuff!

Afterwards we walked along the Thames and went to the museum. The best part was the William Klein + Daido Moriyama exhibit, but photography was not allowed within the gallery space. Such a shame because it was awesome. The space started with Klein’s work and then finished with Moriyama’s, featuring their street photography from New York, Italy, Japan and beyond, as well as film and mixed media works by the two. We explored the other rooms in the museum, which included some interesting, and other questionable, works. I think my favorite was a work in a rust color that started on the wall, but then peeled off to the floor. My least favorite was probably the work that looked like a giant sticker, but was considered art because it bridged the space between painting and sculpture. It was kind of a fail.

And last but not least, this weekend! We did a lot of walking, saw the new Bond movie (very good, see it if you like movies, which means you should see it), and ate a lot of food and chocolate. We even walked past Abbey Road which is incredibly out of the way from where I live, but we walked across it and I took this picture, oddly the only one from the entire weekend.

So those were some highlights. Otherwise work is a bit more stressful now, and with reading week coming up I need to make sure I take care of as much planning as possible so I can have real time off. I will try to stay on top of my posting, but for now work is the priority. Good thing most of the time it is actually quite interesting.

And while it seems to be all fun and games here, I am definitely thinking about home and the storm. It is hard to be away when you know so many people are dealing with a crappy situation, one that could be potentially dangerous from the sound of it. Stay safe xoxo.


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