Dubai: Part 1

This week was reading week at university, which means we have no lectures, seminars, tutorials, you name it. The week is really meant for catching up on reading and starting final term essays, but as a study abroad student you need to take advantage of the time you have away from campus.

So we decided to go to Dubai.

This was not a crazy last minute decision, my friend’s family lives there–so it was a good opportunity to go when we did. London weather is becoming increasingly cold, and work is beginning to pile up, but the trip was incredibly worth it. Taking the flight from London rather than from New York was cheaper and quicker–the only frustration was dealing with luggage on the tube during rush hour. And even so, that was only an hour.

There is a nine hour time difference between Dubai and New York–and is obviously much different from the city as well. Before visiting I had certain ideas about the city itself, but after visiting I have learned so much more. It is an expansive, yet small city, built up along the Persian Gulf in the United Arab Emirates. It was kind of strange to watch the screens on the plane about our flightpath and see our plane directly above Baghdad. I guess it is easy for Americans to have major anxiety over visiting the Middle East, but Dubai is a haven. While there are locals and an old cultural past, today Dubai is associated with it’s recent development–the over the top skyscrapers, manmade islands, media city, and resorts. During our trip we were able to experience all parts of Dubai–the oceans, the cities, the souks, and even the desert.

I am going to split up these posts over the next couple of days to keep each as short and sweet as possible, but look forward to tons of pictures as usual!


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