Art & Veg.

The best part about living in London is realizing the diversity this city has to give. With one more month left here I am definitely trying to take advantage of as much as possible. A trip to the ballet, a West End show, afternoon tea, a concert, and countless museums are in the works for the next few weeks.

For my final project I am writing about photography, but if all goes well, I am also going to publish a mini e-book of some of my work along with analysis, insights, and all of those lovely things. I am incredibly excited to work on this because at Vassar I will not have the opportunity to study art (unless I want to drive myself absolutely insane senior year).

Part of my independent project is to visit to a few galleries around the city, one those being The Photographers’ Gallery pictured above. The building is a sleek modern structure on a quiet street just off of busy Oxford Street. The Photographers’ Gallery was the first gallery in Britain to dedicate its space to photography. I went this week in order to see their temporary exhibit “Shoot! Existential Photography”. The exhibit featured different artists, but all involved photography and guns, putting into question the similar vocabulary that photography and gunnery shares. Did you know that fairgrounds used to have an attraction in which you had to shoot a target and if you were successful you would receive a picture of yourself shooting the target? One of the coolest parts of the exhibit were the walls filled with images of a woman who has these pictures of herself from 1936 at these fairs. It was very unique! For more information on the gallery visit their website here.

And now for something completely different, fruits and vegetables. Since I am back from Dubai I can flood the fridge with fresh food again. This week I received tons of goodies from my box: cavolo nero, a head of broccoli and cauliflower, two parsnips, a yellow pepper, an eggplant, a fennel bulb, and a bunch of oranges, apples, and plums! I ate basically half of this fruit already. Time to buy a water bottle.




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