At the Ballet/Urban Farm

Last night I was able to go to the Royal Opera House to see The Royal Ballet perform a mixed program.   I have been waiting to buy tickets, and finally there were cheap tickets available for a night I was completely free.

And by cheap tickets, I mean really cheap. They were only five pounds and understandably so. I was in the second to last row all the way on the side and I could only see half of the stage. Even so, you cannot beat that price for the value of seeing a Royal Ballet performance.

There were three different pieces. Viscera, choreographed by Liam Scarlett (A 26 year old!), Infra, choreographed by Wayne McGregor, and Fool’s Paradise by Christopher Wheeldon. It was a contemporary program and it was incredibly inspiring to go to especially while I am not able to dance while abroad. I honestly wish I could go to the ballet much more often than I do.

I don’t share enough information about classes on this blog, mostly because lectures are not the most interesting unless you have to write a paper about those lectures, but my Vassar class is pretty cool.

For class today we went to FARM:shop, a mixed use space in London run by Something & Son, an eco-social design practice. The space is in an old derelict building that is now used as a cafe and workspace as well as an experiential urban farm in east London.

We were able to learn about the space, which was probably the most unique I have been in, as well as eat there. There are several different systems for growing plants at FARM:shop, including a small greenhouse in the back and a hydroponics system on the first floor complete with tilapia tanks that provide the nutrients for the lettuce and herbs grown through the system. There was even a chicken coop on the roof with three chickens that lay eggs everyday. FARM:shop does outsource ingredients to fully run the cafe, but whatever is grown goes into the food they prepare or is sold to fund the space. The project is nonprofit and was definitely worth the visit for someone interested in food and sustainable farming. I even had an egg sandwich, which is pictured below, but covered in their lettuce! Visit here for more information about FARM:shop.


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