Weekend Edition: Bologna

Contrary to what popular media portrays the American study abroad experience to be like, I have spent most weekends actually chilling out in the London for the weekends. I think a lot of people jump at the opportunity to fly to a different country every weekend when they don’t have class–namely, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Paris–and while traveling can be fun, I think I’ve realized that when you are studying abroad in London, there is really no reason to leave. Theater, food, shopping, sports, museums, you name it, it is here and that is why it is such an exciting (and expensive!) place to be.

That being said, I did have one weekend trip planned (besides Dubai, of course) which was to go to Bologna in Italy. It is completely random to choose Bologna, but the price was perfect for the flight and I really liked Italy last time I was there, so it was a different city to check out. The flight from London to Bologna is a little under two hours, making it incredibly easy to get to. We were also able to find a hotel in the center of the city that was the same price as a hostel, so we had good and convenient accommodations for an unbelievable price.

I was able to meet up with a good friend from Vassar, eat at some delicious restaurants on recommendation, enjoy gelato multiple times a day, and climb the Due Torri. Bologna has a lot of shopping, but it is not necessarily a huge tourist city, so we basically ate and then walked around in between meals, stopping to take pictures and go into buildings we happened to walk near. It was a lovely detour, but as this weekend is my last in London, I really have to focus on work. Even so, there is plenty of fun planned for the rest of my time here!

Check out some pictures from my trip below!


We literally jumped off the bus and ran straight to a gelato shop. Priorities, yes.


I don’t think you can visit Bologna and not climb the towers. It is quite a climb, but the views are spectacular. I’m a huge fan of this kind of tourist attraction, I like seeing cities from above and taking tons of pictures.



We were starving after traveling and the flight and hopped into a random cafe for a late lunch snack. It was simple and cheap, and kind of hilarious interacting with the staff there that did not speak much english. We were also able to have tagliatelle bolognese, tortellini in brodo, a pizza larger than my head with ricotta, prosciutto and eggplant and one night for dinner we had an appetizer that was basically fried dough with cured meat and soft cheese. There is plenty to eat in Bologna, that’s for sure.

IMG_2841IMG_2820And that’s all folks! It was fun to travel for the weekend (especially to Italy), but I now appreciate living and studying in London so much more. Ciao.


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